Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher

Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher,is also known as the separation stretcher, shovel stretcher and so on.
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With the outstanding advantages of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP), this light-weight and durable scoop stretcher is aims to ensure patient comfort and safety,and minimize the physical effort required by staff operating the stretcher.Its advantage of MRI and CT scan compatible and X-Ray translucent,allows full transport ability of the patient from incident to hospital for inspection.


● It is Easy to sanitize and keep clean.

● Ultimate lightnet weight,makes it reduce the physical effort required by operatives.

● It is MRI and CT scan compatible and X-Ray translucent.The penetration rate is 99%.

● Good performance of high strength and toughness of carbon fiber,makes it prevent from deforming

 and cracking.Even in the case of bearing 250KG,its deformation value is less than 1cm. So it has long service life.

● Its net weight is 50% lighter than that of aluminum stretcher,and 40% lighter than that of plastic scoop stretcher.

● Withstanding high temperatures of 200℃,makes it be an ideal rescue device for firefighters.

● Anti-static and anti-corrosion,makes it can carry out rescue under extreme conditions and environment.

● There are four adjustable length options of the telescopic tube to accommodate patients of various heights.

carbon fiber scoop stretcher


NameCarbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher
FeatureLight weight

High loading weight

Corrosion resistance

High-Low temperature resistance

Long service life
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Dimension172×44×7cm,Length range 164-206cm
Packing165×45×8cm 1pcs/CTN
G.W. 5.5kg


Application and advantages of Carbon firber Scoop Stretcher?
--- Mainly used in ambulances, hospitals and emergency centers.
--- Quickly shovel the patient to avoid secondary injury to the patient.
--- Light weight high strength Carbon fiber, but high load bearing.

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