Ambulance Folding Stretcher

Ambulance Folding Stretcher

Ambulance Folding Stretcher,main material is high strength aluminum alloy which is hardened and surface treated.
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Product Details

Product description  
Ambulance Folding Stretcher,main material is high strength aluminum alloy which is hardened and surface treated.
The stretcher adopts a low frame structure.It can be moved on the ground or be lifted up for transporting.
There are pull rings on both end of the stretcher for easier transport.The use of aluminum alloy inverted guardrail to facilitate the patient to get on and off the stretcher, and equipped with two seat belts to ensure the safety during patient transport(Easier Transport).
The stretcher pad is made of sealed high density polyethylene layer nylon, seamless welding process, waterproof, thickness 65mm. Equipped with an inverted two-segment I.V. Stand with a maximum adjustable length of 75cm.(With 2 segment I.V. Stand)
When the mechanism is designed, a scoop stretcher can be stored in the middle;
Applicable for ambulances which the wheel height is less than 29cm.This stretcher is reinforced with a telescopic handle at both ends.
Wheel size: Φ125mm

Product Parameter


High Position
(L x W x H)

Low Position
(L x W x H)

Maximum Angle of the Back

Self weight

Load Bearing

Packing size



190 x 55 x50cm







What characteristics and application of this Ambulance Folding Stretcher?
--- This stretcher is foldable, with folding handles at both ends, can also store a scoop stretcher.
--- This stretcher is applied for Ambulance Car,Emergency Center.