Powered Evacuation Chair

Powered Evacuation Chair, made of high strength aluminum alloy materials ,designed with special track structure and two pieces of belts so as to give more convenience and safety for transportation.

Product Details


   The HeRui Powered Evacuation Chair allows you to provide the safe transport of patients up and down stairs. 


   The Powered Evacuation Chair has a power track system that makes transporting patients up and down stairs an easy task, It provides controlled transportation up and down stairs. When operating this chair the power tracks make contact with the stairs, allowing the chair to glide over the edge of the stairs eliminating the need to lift the patient and chair. The Battery Powered Stair Chair can be used for medical transport, emergency evacuations, daily assistance going up and down stairs. 


   The HeRui Powered Evacuation Chair is a superior emergency evacuation stair chair and provides mobility solutions when you need it the most. This easy to use and cost effective design is the number one choice by many professionals.


1)Can be used at home and in medical facilities 

2)Light-weight, aluminum construction powder-coated frame 

3)Navigation light for dark stairways

4)Ergonomic lifting handles with molded hand grips to reduce stress and provide extra control for caregiver 

5)Locking guide handles extend for secure lifting if necessary 

6)Telescoping lift handles easily adjust to caregivers specific needs 

7)Dual, extra traction treads withstand high volume use, high durability tracks for non-slip traction on any surface with adjustable track 

8) 4 in swiveling front castors increase range of motion and sharper turn radius for use in confined spaces 

9)Dual locking rear wheels with sealed bearings stabilize patient loading and unloading 

10)Easy-to-fold, compact for convenient storage for small spaces. 

11)Retractable solid foot rest ensures safe transport and added comfort 

12)4-point patient safety belt

13)Head support and headrest is easily removed for storage 

14)Easy to clean, grease-free maintenance

15)CE and ISO 9001 Certificate,FDA approved


Product Parameter


Product size

Folding size

Packing size

Load weight




108 x 52x103cm







1.About Product:

We use the environmental protection material, All our items is easy to operate with each user manual

2.About Service:

We will do the one-step service for you, offer you the each step information with picture. You can contact us at 24hours by mail,phone,whatsapp,and others.We are always ready.

3.About Document:

We can prepare the all documents for certificate, such as CIQ,certificate of origin, FORM E, FORM A

4.About market:

Europe 25%, USA 25%, Africa 10%, Asia 25%,South America 10% and others.

5.Our team:

Our team member,the average age is 27.We are a passionate professional and responsible team. Our target is another”WHATSAPP”team in China.

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