Why Is The Medical Stretcher A Continuous Life?

- Apr 01, 2019-

The stretcher is a machine for medical assistance. Don't underestimate the power of the stretcher. A stretcher can save countless people from being a life. It is the backbone of our soldiers. A stretcher will maintain a life of a person. A stretcher will wake up a patient. A stretcher will stand up from a new one. A stretcher will make a person grow up.

Don't underestimate the medical stretcher. It is the continuity of life. It is the main item of rehabilitation. It is the suffering nemesis. It is our maintenance god. Can be lifted by two people, or four people. The weight of an adult, four people raising their arms are more difficult, it is recommended to take a distance to rotate. The basic principle of the stretcher is to let the injured person's foot be in front and the head behind it. The length of the stretcher leader who is carrying the stretcher can be lifted to the lower part to see the facial condition of the wounded and communicate with the wounded. Common types of collapsible soft stretchers, such as the soft stretchers used by firefighters in the above picture. Hard plastic stretchers are also common in swimming pools. The hard stretcher can avoid the movement of the injured spine, which is better than the soft one. Temporary stretchers: In more distress scenarios, we don't have a stretcher available. In the general tutorial, it is recommended to use door panels, chairs, etc. instead. The chair has legs and it is very convenient to lift!