Which Stretcher Should The School Be Equipped With?

- Apr 03, 2019-

The stretcher is the most indispensable part of the emergency equipment in all places, especially the emergency stretcher that needs to be equipped in many places. It is like the current construction site, or the current school.

The main role of the emergency stretcher is to carry it in the first aid. However, the development of medical technology, the emergency stretcher is not a stretcher like the previous one, no matter what the patient's physical condition is. At that time, it was also limited by technology. But now it's different. Now with the development of technology, there are many different kinds of stretchers for different groups of people, such as shovel stretchers. This stretcher is more suitable for one person to use when carrying patients, such as stair stretchers, we know The stair space is very small. The use of stair stretchers can help to carry them better. It is not restricted by narrow spaces. For example, plate stretchers are generally suitable for fractures, especially like those. A population of patients with fractures in the upper body. There is also a soft stretcher like a vacuum stretcher for use at sea, carrying an aluminum alloy folding stretcher on the mountain. Then it is best to have a stretcher in the school.