What Kind Of Patient Is The Stair Stretcher Suitable For?

- Apr 02, 2019-

There is also a kind of stair stretcher on the stretcher. The stair stretcher is mainly used to build the upper and lower stairs to transfer the patient. The stair stretchers are all of a folding structure. They are exquisitely folded and easy to use. The stair stretcher has four small wheels that are more convenient and convenient when transporting patients.

There are four foldable handles at the back end of the stair stretcher. There are two telescopic lifting rods at the lower end of the stretcher. When transported at the stairway, it saves time and effort. The stretcher is equipped with a belt to ensure the safety of the patient during the transfer process. All the stair stretchers are made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials, which have the advantages of light weight, small size, convenient carrying, safe use, easy disinfection and cleaning. Reducing the impact: Due to the use of the inflation method, when the stretcher collides with obstacles such as rugged mountain roads, walls, stairs, etc. during transportation, the impact on the rescued personnel is reduced, thereby avoiding damage to the cervical and lumbar spine of the person.

In an emergency, if you need to quickly inflate, you can open the manual valve and quickly expand to form a stretcher with a pull force of 15kg. The inflation time is about 5 seconds, the pneumatic cylinder is disposable, and the working environment is +30 °C ~ -50 °C.