Stretcher Car Composition

- Apr 07, 2019-

Although the stretcher transports the wounded, not all injured patients are suitable for the same stretcher, the stretcher is separated, and the rigid structure is separated to transfer the fracture and seriously injured the patient. A clutch device is arranged at both ends to separate the stretcher into two parts. The patient is quickly shoveled or pulled out of the patient's body without moving the patient.

The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the length of the person. The end of the stretcher (foot) has a narrow frame structure. It is suitable for a wide range of first-aid environments and can be used more flexibly and stably under special circumstances. The simple and reliable device allows the operator to take first aid measures safely and quickly. The hook can be connected to the hook on the aircraft to achieve field rescue. The stretcher is equipped with adjustable foot safety mechanisms, safety belts, etc. The material is non-toxic and non-polluting, with fire and abrasion resistance and erosion resistance. The four wheels are 200 mm in diameter, with two fixed wheels with brakes and two freely rotating steering wheels. Made of soft materials, it stays smooth on uneven roads. The stretcher car surface is made of reinforced thermoplastic material.