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- May 25, 2019-

Aluminum Alloy Trolley Stretcher for Ambulance


I. Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum Size(L*W*H): 214*42*6cm

2. Minimum Size(L*W*H): 167*42*6cm

3. Carton Size:(1pc): 170*45.5*6cm

4. Loading Bearing: 159kg

5. N.W: 7.13kg

6. G.W: 8.25kg

II.How to use:

This separable first-aid ambulance stretcher is mainly used for transporting patients with fractures. Both ends of the stretcher have hinge-type clutches to separate the stretcher into a right and left part. This allows for the patient to be quickly and gently placed onto the stretcher, operation table or bed. The stretcher is then withdrawn from beneath the patient.

The length of the scoop stretcher may be adjusted to match the patients body length. It can then easily load a patient onto an ambulance stretcher and afterwards, immediately separate into two sections for easy folding.

III.Applied for:

Approved by clinic practice, this item is suitable for ambulance, hospital battlefield gym, to carry the wounded&patients. It also can be used in general operation.

IV. Cautions:

1. When carrying patients with this stretcher, be sure lock tightly the fender locking device&fasten the safety belt for safety sake.

2. In general operation, be careful not to out torn the stretcher surface.

V. Maintenance:

1. Keep clean as routine(incl.sterilization).

2. Often check if any parts loose or not.

VI. Storage&Transportation:

1. Store this product in the place of damp proof&non-corrosion.

2. Common transporting vehicle can carry this product.

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