Research On The Pacing Of Ambulance Stretcher

- Apr 10, 2019-

When evaluating the performance of an ambulance, ride comfort is a key indicator. The quality of the evaluation index directly affects the condition and comfort of the wounded and sick. At present, the ambulances produced in China are all converted from light truck chassis or off-road vehicle chassis. Its leaf springs are not specifically designed for ambulances, and their smoothness is generally poor. According to the emergency medical staff, the bumps of the injured and sick people often make the patient unbearable during the transportation. Some patients (such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases) often have a worsening condition. Therefore, improving the smoothness of the ambulance stretcher is of great significance to the emergency cause.

There are many factors related to the ambulance ride comfort. It is obvious that the design has a large wheelbase and a low center of gravity. The special ambulance chassis with independent suspension can greatly reduce the vibration load that the patient can hear, which can be fundamentally Improve the smoothness of ambulances, but at present, the development of such a chassis in China is long and it is difficult to implement the manufacturer. To this end, adding a vibration damping device under the stretcher to reduce the energy transmitted from the ground, the drive system and the transmission system is an effective way.