Medical Folding Stretcher Design

- Apr 05, 2019-

With the development of urban modernization, high-rise residential areas often encounter medical emergency needs to transfer patients, the stretcher is not easy to use, which brings a lot of inconvenience. From the "Strait Cup" Industrial Design Competition Organizing Committee, it was learned that the "medical folding stretcher" designed by the chief designer of Jinan Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province, Zhuang Jinlong, solved this problem well.

With the development of urban modernization and more and more serious aging, there are more and more patients with cardiopulmonary diseases. These patients can only sit and lie when they are sick. The folding stretcher designed by him can quickly complete the transformation chair in a short time. In order to meet the needs of patients with different symptoms, provide a better first aid posture for the rescuers and patients.

"In addition to the simple and convenient, the medical folding stretcher uses a plastic panel in the material, which is light in weight and can be used in different forms in different application scenarios. It is suitable for patients with different diseases." Zhuang Jinlong said that the design sketch began in February this year, last March. After the final completion, the design form is difficult, and needs to consider balance and experience. The medical folding stretcher is not difficult in production and process, and can be put into mass production only with capital investment.

At the time of design, it is also considered that the patient needs an infusion during the transfer, but there is no problem with the support. Therefore, the telescopic pole is specially designed on the right hand side of the stretcher to provide a full range of services for the rescue.