Improvement Of Multifunctional Emergency Stretcher

- Apr 08, 2019-

Patient first-aid transport is an important link related to the timely and effective treatment of critically ill patients. In this patient emergency transfer system, in addition to the quality of emergency personnel, it is also necessary to have relevant emergency equipment with simple operation and excellent performance. The perfect first aid system is self-evident for the injured or sudden illness in an emergency. For the first part of the first-aid work, in the process of patient transfer from the scene to the hospital, the commonly used transport tools are mainly hand-lifting stretchers and ambulances, but this type of emergency stretcher is not only required to transport patients. More artificial physical strength, and access to the ambulance is very inconvenient, and even delay the rescue time. The patient's first-aid transport also has high requirements for the transportation process. The high-quality transportation process can save a lot of time, and these precious time can often save many people's lives; on the other hand, in the transportation process, the smoothness is proposed. The high requirements, the uneven transportation process, may make the patient's condition worse. The ordinary hand-lifting stretcher bed used in our ambulances is no longer suitable. Therefore, it is necessary to have a first-aid stretcher car with simple and convenient operation and excellent performance to make up for some of the above shortcomings.