How Long Is The Stretcher Configured In The Emergency Center?

- Mar 30, 2019-

Stretchers are generally not used in elevators, but there are also stretchers for special elevators. In general, the stretchers deployed in our emergency center are at least two meters long. If you encounter fractures, misalignments, etc., you must use a hard stretcher that cannot be stretched.

The length of the elevator should be about 2 meters to accommodate the stretcher and the stretcher. However, due to the insufficient length of the elevators in many high-rise houses, the stretcher cannot be placed in the elevator normally. “There is often no need for a soft stretcher because the elevator is not big enough. The emergency rescuer can transport the patient up and down the stairs. Stair stretcher The new stair stretcher is a stretcher suitable for ambulance and transfer of wounded and sick people in high-rise buildings. The stretcher can not only be used in elevators, but also stair stretchers are more suitable for transferring critically ill patients in narrow corridors. The stair stretcher can be folded, folded and is an auxiliary device for ambulances. The product is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, light weight, safe and reliable, suitable for up and down stairs in high-rise buildings, and in small spaces (such as elevators). Transfer the patient.

There are two folding handles on the back of the stretcher and two telescopic handles on the front for lifting the patient. There are four wheels and the rear two wheels have brakes. The stretcher can be folded and folded to reduce storage space and be convenient to carry.