Description Of The Carrying Capacity Of The Stretcher

- Mar 31, 2019-

How the size of the stretcher is measured, the width of the stretcher and other dimensions are measured from the edge of the main frame. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications are calculated as integers (both converted before conversion). The measurement of the loading height refers to the height from the ground to the bottom of the loading wheel.

Carrying capacity is divided according to the proportion of human anatomy. When determining the load carrying capacity of the stretcher, the medical personnel must consider the weight of the patient, equipment and accessories. Lightweight and capable of carrying 500 pounds. The main feature is the X-shaped frame. The built-in shock-proof frame and fully adjustable inflatable cushions add to the patient's sense of safety and comfort, without the need for lubricants, and the stretcher wheels are easy to roll. The head end of the stretcher can be folded down, and the handle on the foot end can be easily controlled by medical personnel. Available in a variety of styles: 35-A+; Stat Trac 35-AST and 35-A+ST; 35-ANM (non-magnetic)* and 35-IT (transport stretcher with nursery). A 175 series fixture is recommended.