Considerations For Purchasing An Evacuation Device For Use In Your Building

- May 03, 2019-

General Considerations

The device can only be operated with assistance.

The device would be for use by building staff and/or volunteers alone because most agencies uses their own specialized equipment.  

Not all emergencies require immediate evacuation. In fact, in many fire emergencies it is safer to shelter in place and await instructions. 

Elevators can generally be used in non-fire situations. 

Ultimately, you should to do your own research and make decisions based on the specific considerations below and the characteristics of your individual building and its occupants.  

Here are some evacuation solution for your reference.

1- Evacuation Chair can move on both stairs and ground.

evacuation chair


2- Stair Stretcher(non motor)

stair chair stretcher

Corridor Stair Stretcher(non motor, non engine)

stair stretcher corridor stretcher

stair stretcher factory

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