Infusion Trolley

Infusion Trolley

Infusion Trolley, made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials,two big drawer, one side drawer, one medicine plate.

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Product description     
Infusion Cart/Trolley

Integral ABS surface,special concave top design covered with transparent plastic.Model A with four aluminum columns;Model B with four plastic-steel columns,total with five drawers,two small,two medium and one big,each inner with partitions can be organized freely into different size units.
Accessories:sliding side shelf,dust basket,centralized lock,portal-type IV poles,stainless steel guard rail,luxurious whisht casters etc.

Infusion Trolley

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What characteristics of this Infusion Trolley?
---Select high-quality silent wheel, silent telescopic guide, and can change color, size or configuration according to customer needs)
 What other products we supply besides this Infusion Trolley?
--- We supply also Medicine Trolley,,Anaesthesia Trolley,Nursing Trolley,Medical Record Holder Trolley etc.

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