The reason why nursing beds are increasingly sought after

- Mar 13, 2019-

With the improvement of living standards and the provision of higher quality rehabilitation care for patients, the potential for family needs nursing beds is increasing.

It used to be a simple nursing bed, and later added a rocker and a guardrail; then added a stool hole and a wheel; now it has produced a multi-functional multi-function, electric nursing bed that greatly enhances the patient's The level of rehabilitation care also provides great convenience for the nursing staff, so the operation is simple, and the powerful nursing products are increasingly sought after.

The bed surface of the nursing bed is formed by mesh bed surface welding, which has good air permeability, solid and durable, beautiful appearance and more comfort. The bed is made of wooden bed head, beautiful in appearance, generous and calm, and can be disassembled freely. In the aspect of product function, it has made great improvements. It has basic functions such as upper body, upper/lower leg and toilet seat. It adopts high-quality steel pipe support-type guardrail, which is helpful to help patients recover, realize self-care and be more practical. Nursing needs, the left and right turning function is more effective to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids in long-term bedridden patients by using the three-fold turning. The whole nursing bed is more humanized in terms of performance characteristics, the bed frame steel material is thicker, the workmanship is firmer, and the bed width is more Up to 1010cm, in order to be close to the actual needs, this bed is also equipped with a semi-brown and semi-sponge functional mattress (the bed cover can be removed and washed).