The development of multi-functional nursing beds in China

- Mar 10, 2019-

In recent years, manual or electric nursing beds with comprehensive functions such as home care beds, electric nursing beds and multi-functional nursing beds have appeared on the market. Nowadays, the nursing beds concentrate on the advantages of various nursing beds, and apply microelectronic technology to nursing. The bed is moving towards remote control, auto, light and digital. It can be said that with the continuous development of technology, the nursing bed is developing in the direction of intelligence.

Initially, the nursing bed was an ordinary steel bed. In order to prevent the patient from falling off the bed, people placed some bedding on both sides of the patient, and then installed guardrails and guards on both sides of the bed to solve the problem of the patient falling off the bed. . Because bedridden patients need to change their posture repeatedly every day, especially the need to start and lie down alternately, in order to solve this problem, people use mechanical transmission, hand-cranking to let the patient sit, which is the most common currently used. The bed is also the bed most used by hospitals and families. In recent years, electric nursing beds have emerged, and electric hand instead of hand cranking has been convenient and time-saving, and has been widely praised by people.

After years of development, the multi-functional nursing bed manufacturer combines the micro-computer technology with the nursing bed science to realize the comprehensive nursing of the patients and meet the nursing needs of the patients. At the same time, the multi-functional nursing bed is still in the patient's health care function, bold Innovation has achieved breakthroughs and developments from simple care to health care functions. This is currently the leading technology in nursing beds and a leader in nursing beds.