Points for medical bed applications

- Mar 11, 2019-

The medical bed is mainly a convenient tool for patients. The medical care bed has certain practicability, convenience and versatility, and the use of the advanced medical bed brings the gospel to the patient. Medical beds have become popular, but there are still many people who don't know how to use them. What should be paid attention to during use?

Note on the use of the medical bed:

1. Before using the medical care bed, the infusion chair should first check whether the power cord is firmly connected. Is the controller cable reliable?

2. When using the controller, the buttons on the control panel can only be completed one by one. It is not allowed to operate the medical multifunctional nursing bed by pressing two or more buttons at the same time, so as to avoid the malfunction and endanger the safety of the patient.

3, people can not stand on the bed of the medical bed to jump, when the backboard rises, people sit on the backboard and stand on the bed panel, not allowed to implement. After the back panel is raised, the patient is lying on the panel and is not allowed to carry it out.

4. It is not allowed to push the medical bed horizontally to avoid damage to the guardrail. The road surface is not flat and can not be implemented to prevent damage to the universal wheel of the medical multifunctional nursing bed.

5. When the medical multifunctional nursing bed needs to be moved, the power plug must be removed, and the accompanying chair will wind the power controller wire and push it.

6. When the multi-function electric medical bed needs to be moved, the lifting guardrail should be lifted to prevent the patient from falling and being injured during the movement. When the electric bed moves, it is necessary for two people to operate at the same time, so as to avoid out of control in the process of implementation, resulting in structural damage and endangering the health of the patient.