Medical bed operation is easy to understand

- Mar 17, 2019-

The medical bed is single-shake, and the backrest can be raised up to 70-80 degrees, which is very convenient to operate. The shape is simple, beautiful and generous, the barriers can be added on both sides, and the humanized design solves a series of difficult problems.

The hand crank is foldable and the operation is light and easy. The bed is made of steel strip and the whole steel is sprayed.

The S3 single-shake bed is suitable for elderly patients who cannot get out of bed or inconvenience to get out of bed, fracture rehabilitation patients, and surgery to recover patients. Provide them with special care services for recuperation, treatment, and daily life, and improve their level of care.

At the same time, it improves the quality of life of patients and reduces the difficulty of nursing. It is especially suitable for family, community medical care institutions, nursing homes, and geriatric hospitals.