How to improve the comfort of the stretcher

- Mar 26, 2019-

The stretcher is generally the stretcher of the current ambulance equipment, which meets the needs of the patient and is convenient for the patient to lie down with the wounded. Before carrying the wounded, check the vital signs and injured parts of the injured person, and check whether the injured person's head, spine and chest are injured, especially if the cervical vertebra is damaged. The wounded must be properly handled. First, keep the wounded's respiratory tract unobstructed. Then, the injured part should be hemostasis, bandaged, and fixed according to technical specifications. Once handled properly, it can be moved. Judging criteria, patient comfort: A self-designed questionnaire is used to measure the patient's comfort and comfort when using different stretchers. The points are very comfortable, comfortable, general, uncomfortable and uncomfortable. They are comfortable, comfortable and generally comfortable. Number of escorts: refers to the number of escorts required to use a certain stretcher to go out for inspection. User Satisfaction: Using self-designed questionnaires to calculate the satisfaction degree of medical staff and accompanying employees when using different stretchers, how much physical strength is felt when moving patients, the degree of convenience when moving, and the way to transport The degree of patient safety concerns was scored and divided into four levels: satisfactory, satisfactory, dissatisfied, and dissatisfied. Satisfaction and satisfaction were the satisfaction indicators.

How to improve patient comfort, the ordinary stretcher cannot be moved to the stretcher by turning over due to its frame or thickness. It must be lifted by a single person or raised by multiple people according to the patient's weight and physical condition. It can be moved to the stretcher board and then lifted onto the stretcher cart. This method of lifting or lifting tends to make the patient's body unbalanced and feel uncomfortable. At the same time, because the action of lifting or lifting the patient is not easy to coordinate, it is easy to cause pulling and shocking the wound and causing pain, and the uncoordinated movement tends to aggravate the patient's pain. The stretcher plate of the simple safety stretcher is a flat plate that can be easily placed on the patient by turning over, and the sharp edge is removed from the edge, and the patient does not feel uncomfortable when turning over. The fixation band can also prevent the patient from moving in various parts of the body during the lifting process, and can play a local fixation role for patients with wounds, fractures, etc., and prevent discomfort such as pain. For patients with agitation, the fixation band can also function as a restraining band. The use of the strap can increase the sense of safety during the patient's transport and reduce the discomfort caused by bumps on the way to the patient.