How to do the routine maintenance of the medical bed

- Mar 18, 2019-

With the advancement of the times, China's medical facilities are constantly improving. The use of electric medical beds is becoming more and more extensive. It can automatically let patients lie down and move and change positions at any time. If you have patients or elderly people in your home, buy them. One such electric medical bed is very necessary. The following is the knowledge of the use and maintenance of the medical bed.

First of all, when the patient is not in use, the medical bed should be in the lowest position, the power control line should be wound and placed in a safe place, remember to brake the universal wheel.

Secondly, it is necessary to avoid collisions during use to prevent damage to the medical bed and its accessories.

Third, it is necessary to check regularly whether the control line is firm, whether the universal wheel is damaged, whether it is rusted, and whether it can rotate freely.

Fourth, if the medical bed and medical bed accessories are inadvertently contacted by corrosive liquids during use, they are not cleaned in time to produce stains. They can be cleaned with water and then wiped with a dry cloth until they are clean.

Finally, if you use it improperly or seriously damage, you must contact the manufacturer in time to let the professional repair it, so as not to cause damage to your own repair.